Tips for Increasing Traffic using SEO

Use Primary and Secondary Keywords

Pick one primary keyword for your brand identity, product, and service and secondary keyword for the main topic.

Optimize Page Title and Meta Description

Use primary keyword in the title, between 50 and 60 characters, and meta description, under 160 characters.

Write Quality Content

Write valuable content that your visitors want to know about with a unique perspective to build your engagement with them.

Use Internal and External Links

Use a maximum of two internal links that direct users to other pages on your website and one external link to a reputable website.

Use Short URLs

Include primary keyword in the URL and make it readable, concise, and descriptive.

Use SEO Audit tools

Use tools that will help you analyze the site's on page structure and provide the report on it. One of such tools is HotSpotSEO; join its waitlist here.